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    WIRED icon HOMEBusiness
    HOME BUSINESS MAGAZINE is edited to cover various facets of the growing and dynamic 425 billion dollar home-based business market. It contains editorial by well known authorities on business operations, sales & marketing, the home office, franchising, business opportunities, network marketing, mail order and other subjects to help readers select and competently manage a home-based business. Wired magazine is daring, compelling, innovative, courageous, and insightful. It speaks to those who see the landscape of the 21st century and think: possibility, hope, new opportunity, and a wide-open frontier. From Dreaming To Doing Beginning Your Own Home Business. Quick steps to identifying your business mission and marketing plan. Moonlighting As An Entrepreneur. Brace yourself! There's no dozing for the part time entrepreneur.
    Eight tips for getting free publicity through news releases. Secrets To A Successful EMail Marketing Campaign. Key elements to ensuring profitable EMail marketing. Don't Count On Tax Cuts. Tax reduction relief nowhere in sight. MLM Business Services You MUST Have. How to make money while getting the support and services you need.
    Start-up Guides for Small/Home Offices  |   Business Plans for Small/Home Offices  |   Tax Benefit Guides for Small/Home Offices  |   Reference Guides for Small/Home Offices  |   Design Guides for Small/Home Offices 
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    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Starting
    The revised second edition of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Starting Your Own Business, by author and entrepreneur Ed Paulson and marketing consultant Marcia Layton, is an extensive handbook of small-business basics for those who already have the desire and drive mandatory for launching an individual commercial enterprise--but it does not include all of the specific day-to-day skills that significantly increase its chances for survival. The book begins with plainspoken advice on matters such as choosing a business, setting goals, and initiating the plan that makes it all happen. This is followed by material on sales and marketing and developing business structures, which is bolstered at appropriate intervals with useful definitions, additional resources, and warnings about potential pitfalls. The next two sections on finances and growth, however, may ultimately prove most valuable. The best information here includes sections about evaluating competition and defending against potential incursions; why business bankers reject loan applications and how to make them your allies; and why production plans are critical. This book also looks at the "secrets of success," suggesting ways to cope with the ups and downs that any entrepreneur will inevitably encounter. --Howard Rothman --This text refers to the Paperback edition.
    What No One Ever Tells You About.. Book Info
    Using more than 100 interviews with seasoned entrepreneurs, the author guides you through every stage of business start-up-from planning to marketing - & provides eye-opening lessons from successful business owners who've learned the hard way.
    Small Time Operator : How to Start Your... Midwest Book Review
    The new, fully updated edition of a classic presents all the nuts and bolts of building a business; from obtaining initial permits and licenses to locating financing, finding the right business location, developing a bookkeeping system, and hiring employees. This newly updated 'bible' of the industry continues to reflect the latest thinking in tax and business management. Book Description
    Detailed advice covers everything people need to know to take control of their business and be a success. This latest edition includes a new section on doing business on the Internet. "A phenomenal book." - Julianne Malveaux, King Features Syndicate
    Small Business Start-Up Kit Book Description
    All the information necessary to set up a small business S-corporation in any state.
    The One Page Business Plan Tim Clauss, Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work
    "The One Page Business Plan is an easy-to-use process that helps you capture your vision and translate it into concrete results. Jim has truly streamlined a tiresome, complicated chore. With a return to simple values, simple truths, planning can be fun and creative. A little chicken soup for busy minds and tired souls!" Paul and Sarah Edwards, The Self Employment Experts, Authors of Working from Home, Getting Business to Come to You and Secrets of Self Employment
    "Writing a business plan is something every business guru advises but few actually do. Jim Horan's book helps the reluctant change good intentions into a plan."
    Successful Business Planning in 30 Days William Nowik This is simply the best book of its kind. Alan Caruba, Editor of
    "This book is especially good in the way it presents its information, making it particularly easy to absorb and apply."
    Business Plans That Work for Your Small Business  
    422 Tax Deductions for Businesses & Self-Employed Individuals Book Description
    Fully revised and updated, this guide is aimed at all businesses, independent professionals and contractors, freelancers, and home and Internet businesses. The hundreds of tax breaks listed are not loopholes or questionable areas of the law, but legitimate business deductions that accountants forget to ask their clients about or that the IRS chooses not to mention on its tax forms.
    Organize Your Home Office! : Simple Routines for Setting Up an Office at Home Reviewer: Carol Andrus from Des Moines, Washington USA
    I happened across this book when I was actually in an office supply store shopping for furniture for my home office--naturally the title caught my attention immediately!

    I am finding ORGANIZE YOUR HOME OFFICE! to be a helpful guide through this project because it addresses my specific situation--setting up a home office from scratch. This would NOT be the best choice if you've already been working at home for years and need to declutter and rearrange, but for the "beginner" it's a handy checklist of things to keep in mind so you can start out organized and hopefully stay that way. Not a lot of specific details or anecdotes, but a comprehensive outline to keep you on track.
    The Home Office and Small Business Answer Book : Solutions to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Starting and Running Home Offices and Small businesses
    So you, too, want to join the ranks of the self-employed and start your own business at home or in a small office nearby. How do you choose the right field? Get customers? Price services? Protect property? Raise funds? Concise information on hundreds of basic issues that stem from such questions can be found in the updated second edition of The Home Office and Small Business Answer Book. Janet Attard--a journalist who has operated her own business for two decades and written extensively about the process--presents the essentials in a clear Q&A format divided into logical sections on selecting, starting, maintaining, and growing a business. Included is advice on franchising and multilevel marketing (pros and cons, how to assess); business and marketing plans (why they're needed, what's included); price structuring and financials (hourly vs. per-job billing, estimating expenses); equipment (what's needed, what it costs); marketing (obtaining publicity, placing ads); and much more. There is a wealth of information here, although additional specifics are necessary before many of the larger projects (like creating a business plan) can be fully executed. For that, however, Attard supplies ample resources in the appropriate sections and in six indexes. --Howard Rothman
    Peterson's the Ultimate Home Office Survival Guide Ingram
    Filled with tools, techniques, support systems, and procedures, this "full time office consultant in book form" enables entrepreneurs and home-based corporate employees to establish routines and policies that work. Readers will learn how to set up the technology for a totally plugged in work-at-home center and eliminate home office traps. The CD-ROM provides office forms, charts, and checklists
    101 Home Office Success Secrets Book Description
    For the past five years many thousands of us have found that help in Lisa Kanarek's wonderful guide, 101 Home Office Success Secrets. The book delivers what it promises: 101 secrets to making your home office a success.

    Now updated in a new second edition, 101 Home Office Success Secrets shares the strategies of 30 home office specialists such as Amy Dacyczn of The Tightwad Gazette and syndicated columnist Jane Applegate. Author Lisa Kanarek also pulls from her own experiences as a home-based entrepreneur and gives readers an inside look at improving their businesses, marketing, increasing their bottom line, and more.

    In this clear-cut, informative, and entertaining guide, Kanarek addresses the needs of home office professionals including:

    - Streamlining your office.
    - Developing strong personal work habits.
    - Inexpensive yet effective public relations
    SOHO Desk Reference: A Practical A to Z Guide for the Entrepreneur Small Office/Home Office
    Be your own boss, quit the commute--sounds so good, so right. But in the quiet of your own office (or study, or garage), with your feet up on your desk, there are a few bits of information you seem suddenly to want to know: Blue Sky laws, escrow, Keogh plans, public domain, venture capital, maybe even the difference between bankruptcy chapters 7 and 11. Especially useful for hiring employees, dabbling in the stock market, or preparing for taxes, The SOHO Desk Reference is an A-Z for entrepreneurs with more than 500 lucid entries of small business practicalities and wisdom.
    Ideas for Great Home Offices This book shows many attractive home offices. It presents many wonderful ideas and alternatives, and gives tips on how to plan for a home office.
    Home Office Life: Making a Space to Work Book Description
    This book gives the home office market what it is missing. It is an information-packed visual book on carving out space (since most homes don't come with an office) plus a guide on how to design and lay out a home office that will contribute to business success. Not only a decorating book, it will help the reader determine what kind of worker they are and what kind of space they need in order to be most productive. The new home office is not a re-creation of the workplace cube or box, but ergonomic space personalized to habits and tastes. Examples of real home offices coupled with information on planning, set-up, and organization of a flexible, personal space provide essential advice for every home worker.
    The Home Office Planner Book Description
    She wants a cozy writing nook. He wants an executive suite. She's into antique collectibles. He prefers Asian minimalism. Can offices attract? Following in the blueprints of Chronicle Book's extremely successful home-style guides, The Color Book and The Kitchen Planner, comes this practical, convenient, and necessary tool for anyone looking to create an office space at home. From the corner of a kitchen to an entire room, The Home Office Planner is the perfect resource for transforming any space into a functional work area. The uniquely designed section of dual-split pages allows for effortless mixing and matching of wall colors, office furniture, and floors. Simply flip the page and go from an oak desk to a laminate one in an instant. Flip again, and the vintage desk lamp turns into a contemporary pendant light. The reusable stickers and layout grid make it simple to experiment with a variety of floor plans. And the informational charts-written specifically for singles, couples, families and people with special needs-can help anyone put together the most user-friendly office space for their particular lifestyle. The Home Office Planner is also packed with color photographs and countless suggestions for a quick touch-up or a total overhaul. So for the freelancer, part-timer, telecommuter, or anyone who has to put in hours at home, this is the too-good-to-be-true guide to creating the ideal space.