Wine 101
A beginners guide to wines & 101 things you should know

Let's make this clear from the start, "I Love Wine!"

But, I'm not so snobbish about it that I refuse to drink a box wine from a plastic tumbler if that is what happens to be served. I like to put the social aspects of wine consumption ahead of my snobbery.

While the rituals of tasings can seem to border on pretentious, once you begin to understand a little of wine's long and noble past you will start to understand why it is deserving of such respectful treatment.

That being said, you do not have to be an expert to enjoy a highfalutin affair or quiet romantic dinner with a bottle of wine if you keep some of these wine basics in mind.

Besides not wanting to appear as some country bumpkin these will also give you a foundation to start exploring the vast palate of flavors and nuances in the wide world of wine.

101 Things You Should Know About Wine

The Classics #1-10
Reading the Label #11-19
Stemware #20-23
Serving Wine #24-34
The Flavors of Wine #35-47
Wine Quality Tips #48-54
Wine & Guests #55-61
Matching Wine to the Occassion #62-67
Dining Out #68-75
Wine & Food Pairing #76-85
Avoiding a Hangover #86-87
Proper Wine Storage #88-92
Some Fascinating Wine Facts #93-101

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