20. The best wine glasses have a bowl-like shape and a top wide enough that it enables you to stick your nose in and smell all of the wine's aromatic nuances. The best Champagne glasses are "flute"-shaped, which encourages a steady stream of tiny bubbles.

21. Wine glasses should be held by the stem in order to maintain a consistent temperature for the wine. Holding the glass by the bowl can warm the wine inside. Note: if a wine is served too cold, wrapping both hands around the bowl can help get it to the proper temperature.

22. Colorfully decorated or tinted wine glasses may be pretty, but they make it difficult to accurately experience and assess the color of the wine inside them. Clear glasses are best.

23. Wash wine glasses with a mild detergent, rinse thoroughly in hot water, and dry them with a lint-free cloth. Store them in an upright position so stale air doesn't get trapped in the bowl.

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