To get the full enjoyment of the tobacco taste, light your cigar with a butane lighter, which produces an odorless and tasteless flame. A wooden match is also good but you must allow the head of the match to burn off first to avoid a sulphur taste. Never use a fluid type lighter or paper match as they can adversely affect the taste of your cigar.

To properly light your cigar, hold it at a 45-degree angle with the open end ("foot") down. Hold the tip of the flame one-half inch from the foot without placing the cigar to your lips. Rotate the cigar slowly over the flame. This warms the cigar and releases the volatile oils in the leaf giving you full flavor right from the first puff. Be careful not to char or blacken the foot.

After a few seconds, the end of your cigar will be ready for lighting. Draw gently on the cigar as you rotate it between your fingers with the tip of the flame about one-half inch below the end. This procedure will gradually light the entire diameter of the cigar for an even, steady burn.

SMOKING: Here is the best part! Sit back and slowly "sip" your cigar as if it were a glass of fine wine or brandy. Relax and savor the rich tobacco flavor; no need to inhale, the satisfaction is in the taste. (It is best not to smoke in a windy place as this will hasten the combustion and may affect the taste adversely.) At the end of your smoke, let your cigar go out by itself. Never grind or crush ir in an ashtray, as this will spread the burned tobacco, creating a strong, unpleasant char odor. It is best to dispose of cigar butts as soon as they self-extinguish and present no fire hazard.

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