A good cigar, in order to produce the smoking pleasure for which it was created, must be stored properly. If you are an occasional smoker, you may prefer to buy just a few cigars at a time from your local tobacconist so you can be assured that they will be at their peak condition.

If you prefer to buy larger quantities by the box or bundle, and want to enjoy a good cigar in top condition at home or at the office, a humidor with a built-in humistat and hygrometer is the best way to ensure always having a fresh supply of your favorite cigars close at hand. In fact, many cigar smokers have two humidors:
a large one for home use and a smaller one for the office. The humistat will keep your cigars fresh, and should be checked once every week in order to maintain proper humidity and to keep your cigars from drying, cracking or smoking too hot. Your local tobacconist can assist in selecting the humidor that best suits your individual needs.

When traveling, it is advisable to protect your cigars from physical damage by keeping them in a leather cigar case made expressly for that purpose. Or for longer trips and larger quantities you can purchase a traveling humidor expressly for that purpose.

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