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Interactive Guide for Defining Web Site Requirements

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The intent of these questions is to help us understand how we can help you.

1. How many people do you expect to visit your site daily? 2. How many pages will you need to display? 3. What kind of content do you want to display? 4. What is the monthly budget you've allocated for your Web Site? 5. Are you interested in a Dynamic Presence? This allows you to change the appearance of your site periodically to coincide with your marketing plans. 6. Do you need help in preparing your Web Pages? Yes No Not Sure 7. Will you want people accessing your site to leave information (like this form)? Yes No Not Sure 8. Will you want people to access your site and retrieve files? Yes No Not Sure 9. Do you want your site to be listed with your company name as the domain? This gives you the ability to have a site with the name ''. Yes No Not Sure 10. When is a good time to follow-up with you? When: Day: Time: Finally, please add any information that will help us to more fully understand your requirements:

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