Wedding Photographer Checklist
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What should you look for when choosing a photographer for your wedding?

There are many factors to think about, and while cost is an important consideration, remember that your photographs will be precious, permanent records of your wedding day. We invite you to download this checklist and use it as a guide to help you find a quality wedding photographer.

1. ___

Do you like his or her personality? (Rude or intrusive photographers can ruin your day, and you may end up with an album with unflattering facial expressions.)

2. ___

Are you confident with your photographer's experience in shooting weddings?

3. ___

Are the sample albums you see showing complete weddings, and not just the best selected works from various events? (Shooting a wedding is fast paced and requires skill and experience.)

4. ___

Are you guaranteed in writing that the person you meet with will be your actual photographer? (Most studios have many photographers on staff and their sample albums reflect many different works.)

5. ___

Will the photographer visit the event sites prior to the wedding day for preparation purposes?

6. ___

Are you allowed to submit a list of the formal portraits that you want taken at your event? Are you assured that the photographer will make your list a priority? (see our "must have" list of wedding shots)

7. ___

Will a second photographer be available for better coverage?

8. ___

What are the photographer's back-up plans in case of a personal emergency or equipment failure?

9. ___

Are the equipment and materials being used only of the highest quality?

10. ___

Will the digital images you receive be high resolution for optimal printing and viewing?

11. ___

Will all the digital images you receive be individually enhanced by a professional, for optimal quality?

12. ___

Are all wedding album and enlargement photographs professionally retouched?

13. ___

Will the photographer and any assistants be professionally dressed?

14. ___

Does the photographer offer to give you contact information of past clients?