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To the left is the first test image (GIF format). It was saved twice, once if a GIF format (LEFT) and once in a JPG format(RIGHT). For banner style graphics use the GIF format. As you can see, besides the color shift in the JPG format the aliasing around the letters is quite obvious. JPG does not handle large expanses of a single color very well. On the other hand, GIF does not handle photographic images very well. (SCOLL DOWN) The second set of images says it all, the first is a GIF, the second a JPG.
What do you want your visitors to see?
GIF images are saved in a 256 color palette. If the end users browser dithers the colors you can get a fairly reasonable image. If it doesn't you get blocky color patches that won't do your photo justice. The file sizes are about equal but the image quality obviously isn't. Use JPG for photos.
(Right click on an image an select properties to view image size.)
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