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The Grand Prix Organizer can save you lots of time and can make your Grand Prix / Pinewood Derby event the best you have ever had. The Grand Prix Organizer allows you to manage the event and not have the event manage you.

The JUDGE is a compact, rugged, and affordable electronic finish line for the popular Cub Scout Pinewood Derby, and other similar programs. It declares the finishing order, displaying the win, place and show cars immediately to the audience. It makes use of the latest electronic technology, and is superbly crafted to perfectly fit your track.

The GrandPrix Race Manager ties in seamlessly to The JUDGE to track all of your race day heats. The helps you manage the entire event up to race day. To find out more about the click here.

Why do I need The JUDGE?
Close races are very difficult to judge by eye. Contested races and reruns burn up time, and often do not solve the hard feelings. Children with less aggressive parents are at a disadvantage. These realities can take the fun out of an otherwise dynamite youth program. With The JUDGE, there are no disputes. Everyone trusts the validity of electronic judging. Your Derby runs smoothly, and finishes on time. Everyone is happy and looking forward to next year.

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