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Pinewood Derby Rules

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  1. The car must have been made this current scouting year.

  2. The car should meet all racing specifications:
    1. Car must be made from official kit provided.
    2. Width cannot exceed 2-3/4 inches. Width between wheels must be 1-3/4 inches.
    3. Length cannot exceed 7 inches.
    4. Bottom clearance between the car and the track must be at least 3/8 inch.
    5. Weight cannot exceed 5 ounces. Scales vary slightly -- be prepared to make adjustments.
    6. No loose materials, no taping weight down to car.
    7. Wheel bearings, washers, & bushings not allowed
    8. Wheels and axles may not be modified in any way.
    9. No springs allowed.
    10. Detailing is allowed as long as it fits dimensions and other above rules.
    11. Car must be free-wheeling, with no starting devices.
    12. The only lubricant to be used will be dry graphite. It must be applied before weigh-in.
    13. Car must pass inspection committee. If you fail to follow the rules, your car could be disqualified.

  3. No test runs before the event.

  4. Once a car has been through weight inspection and passed, it will go to the holding area and must not be touched.

  5. Only members of the race committee will be able to handle the cars during racing.

  6. Each heat will be announced. Viewing must be done from behind taped areas. Let the den whose heat it is get up front.

  7. Heats will be run in dens and rules of advancement will be given the day of the race.

  8. If a car has problems running more than once, it will be disqualified. Interfered-with cars will receive no penalties and heats will be rerun.

  9. Advancement to Scout-O-Rama will be announced on race day. (Webelos II may not advance to Scout-O-Rama in April because they graduate to Boy Scouts in February).

  10. All problems will be handled by the Cubmaster.

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