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Free Webpage Information

As an ongoing effort to promote scouting The AgentZ is providing a FREE page for scout groups to show the world their Pinewood Derby stuff. We ask you to keep it fairly simple and to encourage that, we ask that you use our online website builder. It can be found here.

We encourage pictures of:

Free Site Requirements

Your organization agrees to provide:

All files will be in a common directory for your group. This makes it easy for images, all you need to do is use the image name in the link when prompted by the HTML Builder.

There are help files with the HTML Builder but it is fairly simple. If you've read the instructions and are stilling having a hard time let me know.

After you have the page done in the HTML Builder you will need to copy the code from the bottom window into notepad. Save the file as *your troop/pack/unit+#*.txt (e.g. troop299.txt or pack248.txt). Attach the text file and images to an e-mail and send it off to me.
In the subject line use the text file name and the letters PWD (e.g. troop299 PWD ).

We will build a directory accessable from our pinewood derby page. We will notify you by e-mail when your files are online so you can let the world know.

Have Fun! That is what it is all about!