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This is our Pinewood Derby softwarePage. Here we offer a freePinewood Derby software program for managing the racing. Its scope is limited and it may not run on some newer systems. But, it is FREE. In addition to this free piece of software we are authorized agentz for distribution of the Grand Prix Organizer and the GrandPrix Race Manager.


Commercially available Derby Management Software.
The AgentZ is now an official distributor of
The GrandPrix Race Manager
The GrandPrix Race Manager lets you manage the race and not the the race manage you!

Click either image above to find out more...

Make your Grand Prix/Pinewood Derby event better, more fun, easier to organize. On race day you can make your event flow smoothly by using the GrandPrix Race Manager.

We've gotten an awful lot of requests for the Pinewood Derby program we use. It's not a commercially available software package. One of our previous leaders wrote a DOS program to handle the races. If you'd like to check it out, please fill out the following form to download it and we'll keep you informed of changes and updates.

Pinewood Derby Software Request Form

 Contact Name: 
Email Address:  
To help us guide future development, does your unit: Have a Pinewood track? Yes No If Yes, how many lanes? Would you like to see the software ported to:
Win 3.x Win 95 Macintosh Other

After you've filled out the form, press the button labeled 'Submit request'. This will register your information and bring you to the download page. If you make a mistake, you can clear out the entire form or just change the individual field.

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