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    • (and which ones to use)
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Blades (and which ones to use)


Don't get me started, this discussion is like walking into a bar and wanting to discuss sex, politics or religion. Everyone has an opinion and like the aforementioned topics, they all have valid points.
What blade size should you use? Most of the manufacturers have charts that show maximum material thickness, these are guide lines.
Ask yourself,
  • How complex is the pattern?
    • The more detail in the pattern the finer the blade.
  • How thick is the material?
    • The thicker the material the larger (and coarser) the blade.
  • How hard is the material?
    • A fine blade on hard material will cut much slower than a larger blade, but it will also leave a much smoother finish.

Here is a chart that should help get you started.

(If you like a printable version of the above chart, just CLICK on it! Requires ADOBE Reader 6.0 or higher)

There is no cut and dry, " Use this blade for this pattern". You'll wish it were that simple. You are going to have to experiment. Its going to vary by wood density, the type of saw (blade action), your feed rate (how hard are you pushing), the type of pattern (simple of complex), the condition of your equipment (saw and blade) and what sign your moon is in ( no, not really). You are going to be the final judge. You will need to determine the which blades cuts fastest for your application while giving a satisfactory edge finish and maximizing blade life. You will not gain anything by using a fast cutting blade if you have to go back and sand all your edges!
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