1. Care for your scrollsaw
  2. Scrollsaw Table Care
  3. Lighting and Foundation
  4. Patterns Patterns Patterns
  5. Getting your pattern on wood
    • (trace, photocopy, template?)
  6. Stacking
    • (cutting multiples)
  7. Where to start
  8. Blades
    • (and which ones to use)
  9. Scrollsaw Resources on the WWW ( Woods, Blades, Saws)
  10. Free (or almost) woodworking patterns on the WWW
  11. Scroll Saw Supplies - Blades, Wood, Books, Saws, Accessories

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Just like on a movie set, lighting is critical. If your lighting is inadequate, you'll end up with eye-strain and headaches. If your lighting is too harsh, glare and shadows will cause eye-strain and headaches and make it difficult to see and follow a line. Many scrollers use a magnifying light. It allows direct lighting of the worlpiece and enlarges the pattern for easier following. If you are young an/or your eyes are exceptional you may not need or like it. Although more scrollers swear by it than at it.



Did your scroll saw come with a stand? Is it a table top model? Either way you want a good foundation for your saw. A solid concrete or wood floor is best. If you are going to use it on carpet (why?) place a sheet of 3/4" plywood under the stand. If you have a table top model find a way to secure it firmly to the workbench (c-clamps, screws, bolts, etc.). Are you going to cut standing or sitting? That will depend on what you find most comfortable. What will happen is you will probably get tired of looking down on the table to see your work. You may want to try tilting the whole saw forward. If on a stand, add an extension to the rear legs ( make certain it is rugged and stable) and if its a table top model, mount a block or wedge under the back end prior to securing it to the surface. This way the table is always facing you without having to lean over it. If you're going to do a lot of cutting this will make a huge difference. Your back, neck, and shoulders will appreciate it.

Care for your scrollsaw - Scrollsaw Table Care - Lighting and Foundation - Patterns Patterns Patterns Getting your pattern on wood
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