1. Care for your scrollsaw
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  4. Patterns Patterns Patterns
  5. Getting your pattern on wood
    • (trace, photocopy, template?)
  6. Stacking
    • (cutting multiples)
  7. Where to start
  8. Blades
    • (and which ones to use)
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  10. Free (or almost) woodworking patterns on the WWW
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Stacking (cutting multiples)


So, now you have all your main pieces cut out and you need to cut all the accessory pieces for your design. If you are cutting from thin stock (micro thin hardwoods, basswood, baltic birch plywood) you can (and should) cut more than 1 piece at a time. How, by stacking. Cut a supply of pieces (all the same size) and apply your pattern to the first piece then make a stack under it approximately 3/4" to 1" thick ( 3 to 4 pieces for 1/4" stock 7 to 8 pieces for 1/8" stock). Now you need to hold them all together. There are a few options here:
double-stick tape
  • inexpensive
  • may leave a gap between pieces
  • susceptible to chip out
  • thin stock may break when trying to separate
Masking tape
  • inexpensive
  • variety of other uses around the shop
  • pieces can shift during cutting
  • cheap
  • most secure
  • If driven in to far, can scratch the table surface,
  • can't use stock hold down as nails interfere
So with this in mind apply strips of double stick around the periphery of each piece and stack them up. Or, stack them up and wrap several turns of masking tape around the outside edges. Or, drive a small wire brad into the scrap area in the corners. If you use wire brads consider putting a steel block underneath your material before driving in the nails. This will roll over the point so you don't gouge your table an also gives them more grip. If you're using your stock holddown and don't want the nail heads in the way, cut them off flush with a pair of dikes (diagonal flush cutters). Now drill a small hole in the scrap area, thread your blade through, clamp, tension, and cut.

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