1. Care for your scrollsaw
  2. Scrollsaw Table Care
  3. Lighting and Foundation
  4. Patterns Patterns Patterns
  5. Getting your pattern on wood
    • (trace, photocopy, template?)
  6. Stacking
    • (cutting multiples)
  7. Where to start
  8. Blades
    • (and which ones to use)
  9. Scrollsaw Resources on the WWW ( Woods, Blades, Saws)
  10. Free (or almost) woodworking patterns on the WWW
  11. Scroll Saw Supplies - Blades, Wood, Books, Saws, Accessories

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Where to start


Did you already drill that hole? Sorry, I didn't realize you were that gung-ho to get started. So, did you drill it in the right place? Did you start your cut in the right place? Right? Wrong? Okay, I know we're all experts and not only can we follow a line we can blend perfectly into the line where we started (yeah right!).
So where is that elusive "right" place to drill.
On inside cuts place the hole as close to a corner as space permits, a corner that is an obtuse angle (>90 degrees). On stacked cuts, do the same for outside cuts. The idea behind this is
  1. ) you don't want to waste a lot of cutting to get to a line
  2. ) by starting on a corner the cuts will match (even if you are slightly off pattern) without leaving a mark.
If you simply cut to the nearest line and work your way around when you meet your start point it will be next to impossible to blend the cuts perfectly. You will either have to live with the mark thatís left or try to sand it out (more work!). Even if you are cutting a piece for painting (people do that?) try to start on a corner as opposed to the middle of a line. Your work will look much more professional.

Care for your scrollsaw - Scrollsaw Table Care - Lighting and Foundation - Patterns Patterns Patterns Getting your pattern on wood
Stacking - Where to start - Blades - Scrollsaw Resources on the WWW - Free (or almost) woodworking patterns on the WWW - Scroll Saw Supplies - Blades, Wood, Books, Saws, Accessories

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